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Our Scrapbook page is for newspaper articles
 relating to the Shepherd's Center and its members.
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Beckley Newspapers 8-26-2004
Marge Epperly shows off her prized quilt at the Applachian Arts & Crafts Fair.

Beckley Newspapers 6-4-2004

Shepherd's Center Students Shine
by Kathy Zirckel
Post Report Correspondent
     Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  Just ask the folks at the Shepherd Center and they'll tell you - you're never too old to learn.  Of course, just because the Shepherd's Center is geared to seniors, the folks who attend the many activities offered there aren't "old."  They may have a few years under their belts, but these vivacious, curious, fun-loving people know the reality of the old adage, "You're as young as you feel."
     Take the art class, for instance.  Under the direction of Martha Atha, these nine students are becoming proficient in a number of media, including watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, and drawing.  Even though most of them had no previous desire to learn, they have progressed to the point that several of them have sold paintings.    

Becklely Newspapers - Post Report 11-13-2003

Beckley Newspapers 7-20-2003
Mary Stevenson Publishes Book

Beckley Newspapers 5-6-2004
Gina Culicerto, Charlie Smith, Gladys Terry, and Mabel Nary socialize during the lunch hour.

Beckley Newspapers 6-4-2004
Martha Atha, standing, teaches art at the Shepherd's Center. Seated is Mable Nary.

      Atha denies being their teacher, saying, "I'm their encourager."  She has been active in art in the Beckley area for some time, and is one of the original members of the Beckley Art Group.  "These people take their art seriously.  It just puts you on cloud nine when you sell one."  
     Mabel Nary has been a member of the Shepherd Center for twenty-four years.  "I thought I'd never be able to learn to paint, and now I just love it."  The group currently has their work dis-
played at Cranberry Station.  They held a reception there to celebrate their accomplishments.    
     The Shepherd Center, located in the Beckley Presbyterian Church, is open Tuesday mornings from nine till noon, September through May.  Classes are offered in a variety of subjects including computers, quilting, Bible study, and line dancing.  Lunch is served at noon.  For more information call 252-6289.
Article by Kathy Zirckel, Post Report Correspondent (11/13/2003)
     BECKLEY - Members or thte Shepherd's Center paid tribute to one whom they termed "a true patriot" at their October meeting.  Dan Junutolo is well known for his musical presentations at the center, local hospitals, nursing homes, churches, reunions, VFW's and area community centers.
     According to Shepherd's Center director, Bernard Hurtte, Junutolo's musical programs feature a collection of patriotic songs that span a century, usually encouraging a sing-a-long that inspires the entire room.  He received standing ovations when he performed at the opening sesesion of the state legislature and at a special presentation at the West Virginia Cultural Center.
     Dora Lee Sergent, who accompanies him on the piano, said, "Dan has the greatest patriotic spirit of anyone I've ever known.  He has promoted patriotism in the schools and honored our veterans with great spirit.  Dan led the music at the Shepherd's Center for several years, and we have really enjoyed having him.  When he sings, "I'm Proud To Be An American," you can tell he is."
     Junutalo grew up in Beckley and is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School.  After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, he has resided in Beckley with his wife, Nancy.  Due to declining health, the Junutolos are leaving the Beckley area to live closer to their family. 
     To honor his many heartfelt performances of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA," his friends at the Shepherd's Center presented him with a copy of the sheet music, signed by Lee Greenwood.  Since Mr. Junutolo was hospitalized, the award was accepted by his wife, Nancy.

Beckley Newspapers - The Post Report 12/12/02

Beckley Newspapers - September 2002

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